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Our passion for technology and writing team is fueled by passion for technology and writing, that's why we are creating high tech tools to help writers with their passion. Products

Our solutions come in a variety of formats to better serve your needs: available as single purpose web applications, Google Chrome Apps, Wordpress plugins, or experience them all together inside our complete platform.


A writer's

Your Desktop writing companion
(For Mac and PC).


Automatic Metadata

Get all your text’s keywords in
one click!.


Track Your Writing

Explore & track your own
writing metrics.

Picture of Jt Ellison

"I'm very excited by the possibilities of Authorship and what it will mean to the future writing. An all in one solution is desperately needed, and Authorship fits the bill. I look forward to seeing the finished product and finding ways to incorporate it into my workflow"

_NYT bestselling author JT Ellison